How can I update the contact information for my business on the Indio Grand Marketplace website, Facebook page or mobile app?

Please fill out the online Tenant Information Form and submit. You may also email the information that you would like updated to lynn@digitalwestmediainc.com.

How can I give you my business logo to be added to the Indio Grand Marketplace website, Facebook page or mobile app?

If you haven’t filled out the online Tenant Information Form, please fill it out and submit your logo where noted on the form to Digital West Media. You can also attach your logo to an email as a JPG, PNG, PDF or TIF file and email it to lynn@digitalwestmediainc.com.

How can I submit a promotion for inclusion on the Indio Grand Marketplace website, Facebook page or mobile app?

You can email information about the promotion to lynn@digitalwestmediainc.com. Please include the following information:

  1. Describe the promotion. Example: Buy one bagel and get one free. Or 20% off all hair services. Please be specific and let us know as well if it is a seasonally related promotion. [ie Holiday Special, Thanksgiving Giveaway or similar]
    2. Put in the expiration date for the promotion.
    3. Attach any existing coupons or graphics that go along with the promotion. If you don’t have graphics, we will create what is needed for you.
    4. Include a contact name, phone number and email so we can reach you if we have questions about your promotion.

How can I participate in the Indio Grand Marketplace Facebook giveaways and sweepstakes?

Email lynn@digitalwestmediainc.com and let us know what you would like to donate for the sweepstakes. The best giveaways are gift cards or gift certificates that will bring the winner into your store or business to purchase products and services.

Each sweepstake runs for a week and we randomly pick a winner at the end of the promotion. The winner’s name will be provided to you after the sweepstake ends and we will let the winner know how to pick up their gift card at your business.

How can I download the Indio Grand Marketplace Mobile App? How can my customers download the Indio Grand Marketplace Mobile App?

Search for Haagen Co. Shopping App in your mobile app store from your mobile device.  Or you can scan the QR Code on the Mobile App Signs at the shopping center.  Once scanned, the QR Code will take you to a web page where you can download the mobile app.


What is the Indio Grand Marketplace Facebook Page URL?

Indio Grand Marketplace on Facebook



Other questions?

If you need help or if you have additional questions please contact Lynn Bremner, Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM at Tel. 760-774-2111 or email lynn@digitalwestmediainc.com .